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Office, Lifestyle, Fine Dining and Conference Facilities

1418 Zandspruit Boulevard, Hoedspruit, Limpopo, South Africa

A world-class destination that  positions your business for success and growth is coming to Hoedspruit!

Korongo House will be a multi-client commercial development consisting of two floors, with landscaped areas and car parking.  The development will employ the latest building techniques, advanced technology, and thoughtful use of space to create a premium one-of-a-kind destination in Hoedspruit.

The property has been designed by an award-winning international architect to align to the overall concept for Zandspruit Boulevard, and we believe that it will become a central component of this exciting community.

Our vision is to create an integrated work and social environment, focusing on delivering a highly positive atmosphere that enables our clients to bring the best of Hoedspruit to South Africa and beyond.

Korongo House will be the first of a series of developments that we hope will  unleash the great potential that we see in Hoedspruit.  We greatly look forward to working with you all, and welcoming you to the property.

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About Korongo

Korongo Holdings is a South African registered company with extensive international backing that has diverse, substantial interests in the Limpopo region of South Africa.  

The prime focus of the company is property and real estate development and we have invested significantly in both residential and commercial properties in the Hoedspruit area, in particular.


We look forward to bringing more information to you as our service offerings and portfolio expands.

Phase 2 - Korongo Centre

Watch this space as we will be sharing more details and exciting news on Phase 2 of the Korongo project, soon!

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State-of-the-art Conference Facilities

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Fibre Optic Internet Access

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Easy Access to Main Roads

Korongo House Icon 10.png

Secure & Safe Working Environment

Korongo House Icon Food Outlets.png

Food Outlets

Korongo House Icon 5.png

Grocery Store Access (5 mins)

Korongo House Icon 8.png

Outdoor Social Spaces

Korongo House Icon 11.png

Restaurant & Wine Bar

Korongo House Icon 3.png


Korongo House Icon 6.png

Public Transport Access (5 mins)

Korongo House Icon 9.png

Wheelchair Access

Korongo House Icon 12.png

Shared Ablution Facilities


Korongo Meeting Room

Korongo House Soft Opening

Korongo House Exterior

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